Parent Participation

At Loch we believe a happy learning environment comes from parents, teachers and children working together. We therefore encourage the participation of parents within the school at all levels of its operation.

General Aims:

  1. To encourage parents to be involved in school community activities.
  2. To encourage parents to work harmoniously with the teachers to implement and broaden programs.
  3. To foster good relations and communications between parents, teachers and students and strengthen the link between home and school.
  4. To make use of resources, skills, talents and interests available in the school community for the overall benefit of the school.
  5. To encourage parents to assist staff with essential program preparation (e.g. book covering, typing, making aids, etc.)
  6. To actively encourage parents to participate in School Council and Parents & Friends Association activities and be part of the community based decision making processes


  1. Parents to be involved in briefing and training sessions to increase their confidence, skills and knowledge.
  2. The School Council, in conjunction with the Parents and Friends Association, organise social functions for the school community.
  3. Parents will be continually invited and encouraged to participate in school activities.
  4. Parents to be notified, via regular newsletters and compass, of all educational and social activities.
  5. Parents assisting students are to present a current Working with Children’s Check and must sign in, on arrival, at the office and sign out on departure.