Science, Environmental Studies and Library

Science and Environmental Studies

Children experience a wide range of environmental activities through our association with Land Care, Water Watch, Resource Sustainability and Land for Wildlife. Students enjoy growing vegetables and other produce in their gardens. Harvesting and cooking is always a favourite activity which is completed with great enthusiasm. Our school chooks roam the grounds and lay eggs daily. Our students are responsible for caring for the chooks and gardens and the composting. All classes participate in weekly environmental science lessons. These lesson provide opportunities for hands on learning, the development of skills and understandings for sustainability and care for our environment. Students are involved in projects in our school yard and contribute to decision making. They learn to take responsibility for keeping our school clean, safe and sustainable. Our school chooks and calves are always popular and many students enjoy caring for our animals and having chats at recess times.


We have a small, however well-resourced school library with regular borrowing sessions being conducted. A MARC (Mobile Area Resource Centre) van also visits the school for one day per week, allowing for further book and resource borrowing and the provision of library classes.   Each class enjoys a weekly Digital technology lesson with a dedicated teachers who specializes in this area of the curriculum. Digital safety is a core focus at each year level ensuring that students develop knowledge to keep themselves and their private information safe when engaging with online applications.