Loch Priority Programs

Leadership & Student Representative Council

Our students are involved in a formalised process to elect our captains each year. Students are required to present themselves to our school community and detail their strengths and values to show their potential for a captaincy role.

Loch Primary School elects:

School Leaders                      Sports Leaders

Resource Centre Leaders      Arts Leaders

Enviro Science Leaders         Class Captains

These students form our Student Representative Council and meet weekly with the Principal. The SRC is involved in decision making, fundraising, organising events and providing suggestions and ideas for the school to consider.

Peer Mediators

Students in Years 5 & 6 are trained each year in Peer Mediation. They are available each play time for our younger students to approach and ask for assistance to resolve any issues.   This program provides opportunities for our students to develop their resilience, communication, negotiation and mediation skills. It is highly effective and very popular with our students who take their role seriously and show genuine care and compassion for each other.


Students in Years 3 – 6 are selected to participate in our QUEST Program designed to extend, challenge and engage gifted learners. The program develops creative expression and innovation using modern technology.

Lorikeet Literacy Enhancement

For students who need specific instruction and high repetition for learning, for those who need modified learning plans and particular skills improved, we offer our Lorikeet Literacy Enhancement. Using evidence based learning programs and quality instruction, our students enjoy success working individually and in small groups. Teachers provide Individual Learning Plans and work with allied health professionals to ensure individual student needs are met   We provide integration aides who work closely with students who are funded through the ‘Program for Students with Disabilities’ and also in class with students who require further support and encouragement. Our team of aides are experienced, highly trained and compassionate. Our teachers modify classroom learning to meet the needs of individual students and are aware of and implement a variety of strategies to successfully work with students who have learning difficulties such as: autism spectrum disorder, language disorder, sensory processing disorder, mild intellectual disability, dyslexia and dysgraphia.